Cake Toppers

wedding cake topper is a small model that sits on top of the wedding cake, normally a representation of the couple in formal wedding attire.



The wedding cake topper was dominant in United States weddings in the 1950s where it represented togetherness. Today, these decorative figurines are often part of the couple's decorative theme or wedding reception style. Traditional wedding cake toppers depict the couple in formal attire and are often the only part of the cake which can be kept over the years, apart from photographs of it. While traditionally the bride and groom were in formal attire, with the bride in a long white wedding dress, complete with veil, and the groom in black morning dress, today there are many more designs available. There are specific ones for the style and theme of the wedding, for instance, traditional toppers for a formal wedding, and for less formal ones, there are comical wedding cake toppers or ones depending on the couple's hobbies. In recent times, wedding cake toppers have reflected the growing diversity in marriages. Multi-ethnic wedding toppers are now available, as are same-sex wedding toppers.


Edible Art Toppers

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source: Wikipedia
Images: Wikipedia Commons & Edible Art